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Based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, we specialize in used forestry and construction equipment parts. We have more than 20 years of experience in the forestry and construction industry. If you aren't able to find what your looking for on our site, please call and we will try and find it for you.

  Quantity Item Description Part Number
 1  Dangle Head Frame  Dangle Head Frame  
  Feed Roler Arm   Feed Roler Arm   
  Knifes  Knifes    
  Back Covers   Back Covers   
  Wire Harness Holder   Wire Harness Holder   
  Fittling Blocks   Fittling Blocks   
  Cyl. Covers   Cyl. Covers   
  2 Feed Roller Cyls Feed Roller Cyls  
  2 Top Knife Cyls Top Knife Cyls  
  1 Lower Left Knife Cyl Lower Left Knife Cyl  
  1 Lower Right Knife Cyl Lower Right Knife Cyl  
  2 Tilt Cyls Tilt Cyls  
  2 Feed Motor Feed Motor  
  1 Saw Motor Saw Motor  
  1 Top Knife Top Knife  
  1 Right Feed Roller Small Right Feed Roller Small  
  1 Left Feed Roller Small Left Feed Roller Small  
  1 Valve Bank Valve Bank  
  Joystick   Joystick   
  1 Electric Sylinoid Valve Electric Sylinoid Valve  
  1 Main Frame Main Frame  
  1 Turn motor Turn Motor (Indexator)  
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