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2010 Valmet 415FX

$125,000 2010 Valmet 415FX with Risley Rolly II Harvesting Head...Cummins 6.7 engine...Espar preheater...Undercarriage at about 75%.
Equipment Location:Marenisco, MI

2006 John Deere 1010D

$110,000 2006 John Deere 1010D Forwarder. JD 4 cyl. turbo engine , which was rebuilt around 450 hours ago. New center pins. Loglift loader with extenda boom & 260 SuperGrip bucket. Preheater. Tires are 600mm at 60% to 70%. Very nice machine!
Equipment Location:Marenisco, MI

2000 Timberjack 1110NA

$79,500 2000 Timberjack 1110NA 8wd Forwarder. Cummins 5.9 engine. Loglift loader w/028 Grippen bucket. Joystick controls. Tires are 700mm , rears at 90% & fronts at 40% to 60%.
Equipment Location:Marenisco, MI

1998 Valmet 646

$52,000 1998 Valmet 646 forwarder. Cummins 3.9 engine. Power shift transmission. Joystick controls. Cranab 650XL loader w/Supergrip 260 bucket. Tires are 23.1X26 on front & 600mm on rear.
Equipment Location:Marenisco, MI

1999 Fabtek 346B

$48,000 Fabtek 346B 6wd forwarder. Two year old John Deere 4045T engine. Loader has squirt boom with SuperGrip 360 bucket. Joystick controls. Powershift transmission. Tires are 23.1X26 fronts & 600mm rears.
Equipment Location:Marenisco, MI

Timberjack 1270D

$45,000 2003 Timberjack 1270D W/758HD Head...John Deere 6081 engine...700mm tires...Rotating cab.
Equipment Location:Marenisco, MI